Introducing RASTER
Create your own posters

Use a regular printer

Just print your PDF file on a regular printer and spread the sheets on your wall to create a really unique poster. A4 is the preferred choice but all kinds of paper are supported.

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Preview the result before printing to make sure the result will fit your ideas . You can also simulate a border that will be added by the printer.

When building your poster, you can choose to cut out the borders or leave them to create a grid effect.


There is plenty of adjustable parameters that can be tweaked.

  • Paper (standard sizes or custom)
  • Width and Height
  • Style (Dotted, Color, Mixed, Pixels, Photo)
  • Max dots radius
  • Contrast
  • Dots color (only for Dotted style)
  • more coming…


Take a tour in the gallery to get inspired and see what other people are doing.

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